From the Cockpit

August is here, the grass is green and the sun is out. You know what that means– flying time! August and September are two of the best months of the year to capture your property from the air. Dont wait too long or before you know it, the trees will start changing and you will miss the perfect opportunity to capture photos and videos of your site.

Construction is booming now and it is a great time to be in the drone construction space! With construction projects taking place everywhere, Drone Bros can save you time and money by providing real-time information of your construction sites, right at your fingertips! Call us today to schedule your next shoot!

Shoot of the Month: Ashton Reserve at Northlake

While most apartment communities are still showing off their properties with a photo slide show, the folks at Ashton Reserve have stepped up their game and are marketing their properties with drone footage and video.   In 2018, nothing attracts consumers attention and differentiates your properties better than video footage

New Service: Aerial 3D Modeling

Drones are truley revolutionizing how we view the world.  Kirk in the Hills is one of the most spectactular pieces of property in our hometown.   Combining expert flying skills and some really cool software, our team was able to create this gorgeous 360 virtual model of the property.  This is a HUGE file, so once you click on the link below, give it a couple minutes to download.