According to a National Association of Realtor’s study, the first step most home buyers take during the home buying process is looking online for houses or going online to learn more about the home buying process in general. Like almost every industry, the Internet and digital technologies have transformed how purchase decisions are made in real estate.

Additionally, video is having a tremendous impact on home buyers. With the average adult spending roughly 6 hours each day engaging with video content, there is no doubt that home buyers will prefer to watch a video than scroll a long list of images.

With so many going online, looking through hundreds of real estate listings in some cases, listing agents have prioritized the use of high-quality images of the home. Some even hire firms to take and edit pictures or even stage the house with rented furniture in order to present the best version of the home possible. With the use of high-resolution photos now an industry standard, listing agents are limited in how they differentiate their listings and stand out.

While drone videos and photos are a great way to make listings standout, at this point, listing agents with high-end, multi-million-dollar properties have been the primary users of aerial photography and videos. However, when it comes to driving interest and showings, visual content captured by drones is a powerful way to promote a listing, no matter how big or small the property.

Video is the ultimate differentiator for real estate listing agents. While capturing high-resolution interior photos is great, video of the interior really sets the listing apart. In many markets, aerial and interior listing videos remain a competitive differentiator and also help home buyers see the house in a unique way.

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself the power these videos have and how much more compelling they are. Here’s a recent work sample of both interior and exterior videos we cut together for a client:

This is great content for marketing listings. From Facebook to Zillow to websites, listing agents who invest in these visuals now have content assets that are extremely compelling and ready for sharing around the web.

As drone technology becomes increasingly affordable and sophisticated, this kind of content will soon be an industry standard across the board. But for now, real estate agents can enjoy this window of time where your listings can stand out from the crowd with high quality aerial and interior listing videos.

If you’re ready to bring your listings to the next level with drone photography and videos, contact us today.