When people think of drones, many simply think about how they capture stunning aerial photos and videos. However, depending on the industry you’re in, these assets can be utilized for much more. The key word here is “utilized” because while many will hire a professional drone company to capture visual assets and map analytics, many miss opportunities by not making the most of these materials.

In many conversations we have, many don’t fully realize the capabilities afforded by drone technology. It goes much further than great photos and videos. Looking specifically at the Construction and Real Estate industries, here are a number of use cases for your drone assets.


  1. Site Selection: Rather than looking at outdated Google Maps, drone pilots are able to fly a prospective site without you having to leave the office while still getting a detailed, up-to-date view of the property your considering for your next job site.
  2. Zoning Meetings: Rather than waiting for the zoning board to send someone out to visit your site, be proactive and bring the site to them.
  3. Documentation & Legal Protection: By creating a map or doing a video flyover, we can document the conditions of the roads before your trucks and heavy equipment show up.
  4. Progress Photos: These photos help document all phases of construction over time and keep your stakeholders, investors, owners, GC’s, subs, clients, banks, insurance companies and municipalities updated.
  5. Progress Videos: Nothing pulls people into a project like video. Supplement your progress photos with videos that will get your clients excited about the progress being made.
  6. Site Monitoring & Documentation (Orthomosaic Mapping): Think of these as Google Maps on steroids – up to the minute, high-resolution maps of your jobsite.
  7. Site Plan Overlay: We can import your site plan as a separate layer in our drone maps or we can export our contour maps for use in your CAD system.
  8. Stockpile Measurements: Want to know how many trucks you will need to haul away the piles of crushed concrete on your job site? Our stockpile measurement technology is a game changer.
  9. Site Map Print Outs: While our jobsite maps are all available digitally, many prefer to roll out a map. Cover the walls in the job trailer with weekly maps we create so you can see your job progress come to life.
  10. Panorama Tour: We capture a 360° panoramic image above your jobsite giving you the opportunity to see everything in one image.
  11. Time-Lapse Mapping: We capture photos from the same locations each time we fly. This way, at the end of the project we can provide you a time lapse to both wow your current clients and impress future ones.
  12. Software Integrations: Import your most up-to-date site plan to your drone map, to compare designs to reality. Export drone maps as 3D point clouds that integrate nicely with AutoCAD or any other CAD software.
  13. Marketing: After you’ve captured all of that great content, elevate your company’s marketing using these stunning photos and videos.

Commercial Real Estate

  1. Offices: Help your potential tenants get a better sense of your property, the surrounding area and other points of interest.
  2. Retail Centers: If you’re looking for tenants to fill a new retail development, or you’re simply looking to promote an existing retail complex, drone visuals will help you effectively promote your retail space.
  3. Industrial Facilities: Given the size of industrial properties, drone photos and videos are the best way to document your industrial property.
  4. Apartments & Condos: Help your potential tenants visualize your multi-family property by offering a bird’s-eye-view of your apartments, condominiums and townhomes.
  5. Senior Living: When assessing senior living spaces, it is critical to use drone visuals to show your audience the scope of your property as well as highlight all the great community features.

Residential Real Estate

  1. Listing Video: Make your listing stand out among the crowd with stunning video content sized and formatted for listing sites like Zillow. We even can resize these to fit your various digital outlets like websites, social media and more.
  2. Interior Visuals: While we don’t fly in residential properties, our pilots have the video equipment need to capture stunning interior shots.
  3. Interior & Exterior Visuals: Bring everything together with exterior drone photos and interior shots as well. Working with one partner will save time and money and offers a more consistent service.
  4. Branded Promo: Take the great drone content that you’ve captured for your clients’ listings and put them into a compelling branded video to share on your website and social media channels.

For more insight into each of these use cases, check out our various use cases pages below: