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2304, 2020

Technology Use Accelerates as a Result of COVID-19 & There’s No Going Back

By |Computers, Engineering, News|

Prior to COVID-19 and the shutting down of our country, technology was already moving so fast.  What normally would take 12-18 months to see revolutionary technology changes is now happening literally on a monthly basis. The speed at which these

From Construction Planning to Close-Out: Drones Support Each Phase of Construction

By |Construction|

Planning, preconstruction, construction and close-out are the four primary phases for any particular construction project. Some break this out even further to include seven key stages: design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, commissioning, owner occupancy and project closeout. However you look at

22 Drone Use Cases for Construction & Real Estate Professionals

By |Commercial, Construction, Residential|

When people think of drones, many simply think about how they capture stunning aerial photos and videos. However, depending on the industry you’re in, these assets can be utilized for much more. The key word here is “utilized” because while

Drones Are Great for Interior Photos & Videos Too – Here’s 4 Interior Samples

By |Commercial, Construction, General News, Residential|

When thinking about drones, many think of the typical aerial photo or video showing an expansive view of a particular outdoor location. While these visuals serve a variety of uses in multiple industries, the reality is that drones can also

Why Construction Companies Need a Drone Partner & The Risk of Doing Nothing

By |Construction|

With what seems like an endless amount of information and choices that we face every day, I am here to help make your life easier when it comes to implementing a drone program for your company. Once you realize the

Drone Bros Hires L. C. Smith, National Director of Sales & Marketing

By |General News, News|

For the last several years we have been busy building one of the most innovative and efficient drone companies in the country. With our focus on exceptional customer service and the utilization of leading drone technologies, we’ve expanded our services

Drone Technology in Construction Keeps Getting Better & Better

By |Construction|

We love tech. In a given hour we’ll bounce between four devices, countless apps, various programs and all kinds of other technologies. Partly that’s because we’re managing hundreds and sometimes thousands of aerial photos, videos and maps in a given

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