22 Drone Use Cases for Construction & Real Estate Professionals

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When people think of drones, many simply think about how they capture stunning aerial photos and videos. However, depending on the industry you’re in, these assets can be utilized for much more. The key word here is “utilized” because while many will hire a professional drone company to capture visual assets and map analytics, many

Drones Are Great for Interior Photos & Videos Too – Here’s 4 Interior Samples

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When thinking about drones, many think of the typical aerial photo or video showing an expansive view of a particular outdoor location. While these visuals serve a variety of uses in multiple industries, the reality is that drones can also capture compelling interior photos and videos as well. The building needs to be conducive for

7 Ways Drone Photos & Videos Support Your Marketing Efforts

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The power of drone photos and videos in marketing is well-known. From increased brand awareness to more engaged shoppers, providing visual content boosts revenue across the board. However, the market is flooded with videos which makes it difficult for your real estate or construction footage to stand out. Instead of delivering the usual content, consider

The Types of Drone Videos You Should Be Capturing (with Examples)

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We have hours of aerial footage from all the projects we’ve had the privilege of capturing with our drones across the country. The types of drone videos you can capture are endless and we’ve had all kinds of project requests. However, we've picked up on some trends in what people are looking for with aerial

How to Make the Most of Your Drone Photos & Videos

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When you hire a drone partner to come and capture some stunning aerial photos and videos, the challenge isn’t usually the quality, after all, everything from hundreds of feet up in the air just looks epic. The challenge comes in how these photos are used or, in many cases, not used. Whatever your reason for

7 Questions to Help You Find the Best Aerial Photography & Videography Drone Partner

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Over the last few years drone technology has rapidly improved in a variety of ways. From the quality of camera’s attached to these drones, to the decreasing costs of ownership, more and more people are enjoying the technology for both personal and business purposes. However, this mass adoption of drones has made everyone a “pilot”

Why Aerial & Interior Video Is a Key Differentiator for Real Estate Listing Agents

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According to a National Association of Realtor’s study, the first step most home buyers take during the home buying process is looking online for houses or going online to learn more about the home buying process in general. Like almost every industry, the Internet and digital technologies have transformed how purchase decisions are made in

Drone Times August 2018: Best Time to Capture Drone Photos

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From the Cockpit August is here, the grass is green and the sun is out. You know what that means-- flying time! August and September are two of the best months of the year to capture your property from the air. Dont wait too long or before you know it, the trees will start

Drone Times: July 2018

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From the Cockpit With a new month comes new opportunities. Our drones are flying over time with projects everywhere! We are busy with residential, commercial and construction projects from here in Detroit all the way in Denver, Colorado.  We are also bringing some exciting new featuresto the market, specifically for our construction customers,  so make sure to

Residential Real Estate Drone Photography Quick Tip – April 2018

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Drone Brothers Quick Tip Each month we will be sharing a quick tip. This is something we have learned or seen in our business that we hope will bring you and your team some value. Let us know what you think of this one... Win More Listings Everyone loves videos!

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