Professional, Film-Quality Video Production Services

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High-End, Immersive Video Content

Tell your brand story in a new way. Combine high end professional video with our drone video and photo assets to create a compelling and engaging story for your business.

Step 1: Pre-Production Planning

From creative angles to on-site interviews, we’ll work with you to plan and schedule shots in advance. With a plan in place you’ll end up with much more than drone visuals – you’ll end up with polished, highly engaging and professional video content that you’ll be excited to share with your clients, prospects and staff.

Step 2: Filming

As we capture video we’ll make sure to grab angles and perspectives that offer a more immersive video experience. With this larger set of video assets we now have access to a library of clips and visuals that will help us create video content to help promote your work, your brand and your people.  We capture all types of video content and have the right audio, lighting and video equipment and a crew to fit your objectives

Step 3: Editing

We’ll deliver your time-sensitive and extremely important assets ASAP, but we’ll also curate clips from your job in order to start piecing together a video for additional uses. These videos will offer a different, more creative perspective on your subject matter in order to help create the buzz and attention you are looking for. With all the assets we have from the Filming stage of the project, we can create content you’ll share with prospects, clients and your team.

Step 4: Size Videos for All Platforms

Once the video assets are completed, we’ll spend the time optimizing them for delivery on all of the most common channels that support video content. From your website to Facebook, LinkedIn to YouTube, we understand how to create highly engaging, branded content for delivery on any digital channel.

Step 5: Publish & Share Videos

Getting the files optimized for digital channels is one thing, publishing is another. There are best practices to how you publish that can actually help increase your visibility in search engines. Our marketing team has insight into the best times to post content, the best way to optimize for search engines and much more. If you simply don’t have the time to do this, we’ll get it done on your behalf, leaving you and your team with more time to focus on other opportunities.

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